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The Yamaha Way with Affordable Acoustic Guitars

We want quality and affordable guitars. Let’s take a look at the guitar makers that soar above custom guitar maker list, US guitar makers list, guitar makers USA, or similar lists.


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Yamaha guitars sale is popular with most people’s budget and includes varied styles like Les Paul Epiphone guitar, Fender Squier Stratocaster electric guitar, Yamaha acoustic-electric guitar, and more. Yamaha guitars consistently rank top quality and budget-friendly. Other are:

Yamaha guitar philosophy diagram
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Yamaha LL6 acoustic guitar from the new LL comfortable series of stage-ready, zero impact guitar.

Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar in the making for over 50 years as Yamaha continually refines the original version enhancing ease of handling, musical tone and build quality.

Yamaha FG730S acoustic guitar also developed from the original FG guitar with the same FG qualities and available in additional colors and wood types.

Yamaha SCF04 acoustic guitar from the SCF series of compact folk guitars. What is a folk guitar? Decades ago folk guitars were considered midsized and popular with fingerstyle guitar playing. Today the distinction is not as sharp between folk guitar and other types of acoustic guitars. Musicians bring their style to whichever guitar they like.

How is the Yamaha Corporation able to sustain long-term affordable acoustic guitars? Much of it is leverage from being a leading supplier of a myriad of products, one of them being the acoustic guitar.

But, leverage comes from expansion and staying power in the marketplace reflects a humble relationship with customers. What then is the key to Yamaha’s success in satisfying customers and garnering such loyalty? Yamaha’s Philosophy.

Customer Service (beauty, confidence, discovery) and Yamaha Quality (excellence, authenticity, innovation) among other standards are the guides by which Yamaha produces each guitar for the person who will take it home.

One such guitar with the Yamaha touch is the Yamaha TransAcoustic guitar which needs no external amplification or effects. And, it has built-in reverb and chorus.Yamaha guitar acoustic FG-TA

    • Traditional western body
    • Solid spruce top
    • Mahogany back and sides
    • Amazing sounding reverb/chorus built into the guitar with no need for external amplification or effects
    • New scalloped bracing for louder, richer acoustic sound

Fender’s Pursuit of Musical Expression

Fender is the world leading guitar maker and is committed to the pursuit of musical expression.  The Stratocaster guitar, designed by Fender and the Telecaster guitar also prototyped by Fender are reflections on the company’s expressed freedom of creating instruments and making new sounds in addition to manufacturing in-demand guitars. A brief history of Fender guitars will show the company’s determination to be a conduit for musical expression.


Couple bed playing Fender guitarHere is also a company that lived through phenomenal success, was sold to CBS in 1965. CBS wasn’t ready for the commitment nor did it understand music and musicians enough to care for such a creative company. CBS did make a stellar effort though. In 1981 it recruited new management, got themselves a 5-year business plan, quality improvement and commitment. But sadly, sometimes you do all you can but the marriage doesn’t make it and this one didn’t.


CBS refocused on media broadcasting and in 1985 sold Fender to a group of individuals bent on creating the best guitars anywhere. They called themselves Fender Musical Instruments Corporation but instead of resuming and continuing business, they ended up restarting Fender because the sale was basically the business name without machinery or facilities. To keep prices down they initially imported guitars until they could build a facility in Corona, California.  Again in 1987, they built another facility in Mexico.


Fender could be itself again where it’s open door policy welcomed guitar experts and enthusiasts requests for personalized features on their instruments. What better way to express music than through an instrument you have truly made your own. With such a humble approach to customers, Fender headquarters was soon in Scottsdale, Arizona, 1991 in sync with continuous expansion followed by satellite locations throughout the world.


Back on its feet and the largest guitar manufacturer in the world, Fender remains strong “defining the sounds we hear, . . . meeting the needs of musicians,  . . . creating quality products and backing them up with service and stability.”
An example of Fender’s contribution to music expression is their CD-60S. It is Fender’s most popular model of a high-quality yet affordable dreadnought.
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Solid spruce top with scalloped “X”-bracing
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Easy-to-play neck with rolled fingerboard edges






Gibson, Making the World a Better Place Through Music

Imagine being very good at every instrument you create and after 40 years your tradition of quality is about to be tested by prototyping a new instrument, an electric guitar, never before made by your company. No room for trial or error. Yet, the Gibson Guitar Corporation stayed true to its spirit of innovation and their vintage designs. They pulled from their 1800s successful creations to produce a carved contoured top with gold finish that went beyond any other guitar. They called the creation the Les Paul Gibson guitar, revealed in 1952. The Les Paul was one of the rare Gibson guitars built from a combination of the modern and the Gibson guitars vintage style.

Today some of Gibson’s guitars like the Les Paul electric guitar has been the guitar of choice by celebrities and enthusiasts and remains a popular choice having been tried and found truly endurable, playable, sounding good and like your favorite outfit, looks great on you.

But Gibson has affordable guitars for any Gibson guitar sale. One is the affordable H-15 Gibson guitar, acoustic, a custom luthier work of art catering to unique designs and artwork, versatility, quality sound and much more.Gibson 2016 J-15


  • handcrafted
  • Gibson’s best selling since 1942 to now
  • Will do either small or large crowds
  • USA made from sustainable Sitka spruce top
  • Hardshell case included



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  1. These look great for any budget! Do you have any recommendations for acoustic guitars in this price range with a cutout for the higher frets?

  2. Hi and thanks for this list of guitars. I have a question: Which one of these do you think would be a good beginner guitar as my daughter who is 12 wants to learn? I have heard of the Fender brand but is that a good one for her? I have a full size guitar that she sometimes has a go on but I think it is really a bit too big for her at the moment as she can’t reach around the frets too well.
    Do these come in smaller sizes do you know?

  3. I love fender guitars probably one of my favourites since a child recently I have been on the market for a new guitar for my son to learn. Thanks for the information you have provided

  4. Hi Terri,

    I use to play the acoustic guitar back in my boatie days. Had a friend and he taught me to play about 9 chords. Amazing how many songs you can play on a few chords.

    Great therapy as well if you are a stressed out person, which, I was back then. It really helped.

    I had a hohner, I don’t think that is spelled right. I found my fingers were callousing over as well and was told that was a good thing. I often try to find a cheap guitar but its definitely difficult when you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere that time forgot.

    Thanks for the great suggestions here and was wondering, where could I buy one of those guitars Terri?

    – Philip.

    • Hey Philip,
      Thanks for the question.
      You certainly did spell ‘Hohner’ correctly. They make many different instruments.
      I’m glad to hear you are returning to the benefits of playing the guitar.
      Do check HERE for the guitars.


  5. I’ve been thinking about getting into playing again. Its been years and I never got that far in the first place. definitely looking for something kinda cheap and good for beginners!

    • Hey Lance,
      You are right to start with something very affordable to ease back into guitar playing.
      HERE are some affordable ones from which to choose. I hope that helps. Any questions, please let me know.

  6. Another great article- I love Gibson’s and wish I owned one of Emmylou Harris’s Beautiful guitars
    I will return
    Unfortunately, I can’t buy one as they do not ship to NewZealand 🙁

    • Hey Vicki,

      Indeed, Gibson designed the beautiful guitar L-200 for cowgirl Emmylou Harris.
      If there is any way I can personally help you get this or other guitars, be sure to let me know.



  7. Awh, this brings back so many memories of my first guitar. I’m so glad that you provided a break down of good quality budget conscious guitars because it’s such an intimidating space.

    • Hey Nicole,

      I’m glad for the opportunity to help navigate you to beautiful guitars which are also affordable guitars.


  8. Thanks for this wonderful article. I have a Gibson guitar and can attest that Gibson stay true to their innovation spirit and vintage.

    Because of this brand I have always stuck with them and have no plans to go anywhere else. You hit the nail on the head with this article and I’ll definitely be back for more 🙂

    • Hey Brandon,

      You said it! New Gibson guitars, old Gibson guitars, vintage Gibson guitars, antique Gibson guitars, it doesn’t seem to matter because it’s the spirit and innovation behind the Gibson name to which the company remains staunchly committed. They create lasting beautiful guitars.



  9. Very Informative. Great site and you cover a wide range of guitars for any budget and experience. Your list of easier instruments to learn is a good start for me. Thanks

    • Hey Don,

      You are welcome.
      These are a good start for the easiest instrument to learn, and of course, for the easiest way to learn guitar that is going to start with your personal pick.


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