10 Top Cutaway Acoustic Guitars

Guitar Gretsch jumbo cutaway acoustic electric

ThumbprintWith guitars increasingly comparable in quality, the main buying decisions narrow down to style. appearance, and favorite brand, if any. Each manufacturer has an array of guitar types, styles, and colors. Yamaha’s slogan “have you met your other half” not only referring to the guitar as a companion but emphasizing its uniqueness. We are reminded that while guitars provide the sound according to design, their individuality noticed in the different wood grain texture, coloration, and styles, make one’s pick as personal as purchasing clothing or finding a music companion.

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While we may toss out clothing from one fashion era to another, we wear the same guitar pretty much for a lifetime sometimes adding more to our collection. This enduring music companion faithfully makes itself the conduit for the catharsis of our emotions: It helps us echo what we feel inside. As well, it being such a versatile instrument, the complimentary travel acoustic guitars give us play or practice time whether we are camping, just spending the weekend away, hanging out in a new destination or visiting familiar places.

Travel size guitar or not, their unique styles such as the cutaway is both practical and stylish. Whatever guitar we are drawn to, it expresses our individuality and within the cutaway style we find such variation, it’s as though choosing a new outfit, but one that will last a lifetime.

The Cutaway Effect

Taylor’s Builder Edition K14CE is one example of a deep cutaway letting you broaden your playing range. You can Taylor-k14ceeven reach the low high frets with your pinky while your thumb is still on the guitar neck. That is the reason behind the cutaway style guitars: access o the higher notes on the fretboard (or fingerboard).

We want to easily press the strings against the board for pitch changes on the 4 string guitar, 6 string guitar or 12 string guitar, whatever our preference. Since the pair shaped structure of the guitar is inherent to its playability, designers aim to provide uncompromised structural support of the neck with comfortable playing technique.

Venetian Cutaway VS Florentine Cutaway

The smooth cutaway is the Venetian style while the pointy cutaway is the Florentine style. A third style is the squared-off cutaway. Other than style do they contribute anything to the guitar? It is generally agreed that the styles have no effect on the tone and serve merely as aesthetic appeal. Do the names reflect the geography of origin? The description Venetian and Florentine were arbitrarily selected in the 20th century and perhaps originated with Gibson Guitar Corporation.

Even yet another variation cutaway is the double cutaway found on electric guitars. Examples are the double cutaway Telecaster, Les Paul Jr double cutaway, and Gibson double cutaway. We see these aggressive cutaways in electric guitars which are solid and use amps for sound amplification. The acoustic guitar not so much as the reduced chamber capacity would negatively impact sound quality.

F. Martin OMCXAE cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar F Martin OMCXAE acoustic cutaway

This affordable guitar sports a full high-pressured laminate suit for durability and a slick appearance. Its built-in Fishman Sonitone Acoustic Guitar Pickup lets you control volume and tone.

Epiphone PR5-E cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar Epiphone acoustic electric

This spruce top mahogany body guitar is a beautiful combination of strong construction for durability. Its built-in eSonic controls created by Shadow, acoustic amplification creator and industry leader, gives you sound and tone control should you amp the volume.

ESP cutaway acoustic guitar JB-320E

Guitar acoustic ESP JB-320E

This solid red cedar top and Ovangkol body guitar is a marvelous combination for strength and durability. Its Fishman Sonicore onboard tuner gives you the option for amplified sound control.

Fender CD-140SCE All-Mahogany cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar Acoustic Fender cutaway

This spruce top and rosewood body guitar give the strength and endurance one expects from such a solid wood build. Rolled fingerboard edges make for easy moving up and down the fretboard. Its built-in led lit Fishman® Presys™ upgrade pickup/preamp provides maximum sound control.

Gibson A J-45 cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar Gibson cutaway acoustic J-45

This spruce top and mahogany body guitar is an all-time best seller with technically advanced features for a strong projected sound on stage and high feedback resistance.

Gretsch  G5022CE RANCHER jumbo acoustic cutaway guitar

Guitar Gretsch jumbo cutaway acoustic electric

This durable sunset color laminated guitar provides a large sound. Its unique triangular sound hole adds elegance appeal. The Fishman® electronics tuner thoroughly manages sound and tone for when you want to amp.

Guild F-150CE jumbo cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar Guild F-150CE Acoustic cutaway

This spruce top rosewood body with inherent strength and durable wood construction is popular for its volume and sound projection. Its onboard Fishman Sonicore pickup gives the option to further amplify the already full acoustic sound.

Ibanez AEG181211 cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar Ibanez Acoustic AEG cutaway

This slender spruce top Sapele body guitar is strong and durable with a powerful sound. It has both Fishman® Sonicore pickups and Ibanez preamps. The preamp further

amplifies the signal from the pickups.

Onboard tuners get you the sound

Schecter DJ Ashba cutaway acoustic guitarGuitar schecter DJ Ashba Acoustic cutaway

This spruce top mahogany body combination is of strong wood construction for durability and strength. The onboard Fishman Sonicore Piezo pickup and Fishman Isys+ Preamp lets you amplify the sound.

Taylor 214ce cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar Taylor 214ce SB LX acoustic guitar

This durable spruce top mahogany body guitar has the built-in Taylor Expression System 2 electronics (ES2). The ES2 includes pickup and  custom-designed “professional audio”-grade preamp.

Washburn WLO12SE cutaway acoustic guitarGuitar Washburn Comfort Series WCG55CE-0

This solidly constructed mahogany guitar with Fishman® Presys II 301T tuner and preamp arms you with stable sound quality and tonal control.

Yamaha TransAcoustic cutaway guitar APX600

Guitar Yamaha Green Acoustic cutaway guitar APX600

This solidly constructed spruce top mahogany body guitar with piezo pickup is an upgrade from the APX500 which is a world best selling acoustic-electric guitar.

Ovation CS24P cutaway acoustic guitar

Guitar Ovation Acoustic cutaway Celebrity Balladeer Plus Mid Depth CS24P-4Q

This exotic veneer guitar referred to as CelebrityStandard®Plus series with Ovangkol wood fingerboard and bridge, mahogany neck has the built-in Ovation Slimline pickup and OP-4BT preamp system. The included tuner easily modifies volume and tone for any venue size.

Guitar Ovation Acoustic cutaway

Some people have one guitar and some have a collection. With the numbers of quality, beautiful and especially endurable guitars available its easy to see the irresistibility.

We know the sound and durability is guaranteed because of the continuous enhancements and improvements. The cutaway acoustic guitar’s improved tone, the slick playable designs and individualized coloring and textures provide a wealth of attractive choices.
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  1. Great article, it has been a long time since I played. I used to play Spanish flamenco and classical. I loved it but was more of a technician than a true musical artist. I blame my short stubby fingers for my lack of talent.

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