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We want the least hassle playing an instrument so we ask what are the easiest musical instruments to learn. Here is a list of instruments commonly in the top list of easiest to play:

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  • listen to the music and follow with the tambourine
  • hold with one hand and tap with another hand to hear the bells and jingles
  • tambourine instrument sale generally includes a tambourine bag

If you want to buy a Harmonica

  • it’s played by mouth directing air into the different holes
  • included harmonica tablature

Bongo drums sale

  • many Bongo drums sales include basic drum beats sheet music
  • played with the fingers or sticks
  • the center of the drums have lower sounds while higher sounds are toward the edge


  • small and portable
  • only four strings to work with
  • included ukelele strumming pattern

Classic Guitar

  • nylon strings which are softer on the finger tips
  • included Recommended acoustic guitars strings for beginners

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  • played mostly with an orchestra
  • strike the keys with a hard mallet
  • fisher price xylophone and many others including best xylophone for kids


  • key pressing and minimum technique to be concerned with
  • visual relationship between the keys and also the range
  • includes electronic piano keyboards, digital piano keyboards, usb piano keyboards, portable piano keyboards, etc

Synthesizer and Keyboards

  • playing white keys only keep you in C-major for simple melodies
  • will need keyboard lessons beyond that
  • may have accompanied free online synthesizer keyboard

Electronic Drums

  • can chose drumming samples and drum along
  • many electronic drums sales will be entire electronic drum kits


  • to play recorder instruments, blow into the instrument and cover different holes
  • generally accompanied with sample recorder instrument music; instructions on how to play the recorder instrument; and a brief history of the recorder instrument

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The instrument you gravitate towards may depend more on what appeals to you than what is easiest to play. For example, do you see yourself kissing the harmonica throughout an entire song? Are you comfortable with the sitting position allowing the bongo drums to fit comfortably between your knees? Are you happy with the consistently bright sounding Xylophone which is generally blended with an orchestra? Pick an instrument that isn’t really you: That’s one lonely instrument collecting dust in a short while.

We would want to be like this ¹musician with his harmonica. We can tell he loves making music. We stick to playing because we and our instruments get along. Notice the guitar accompaniment and the simplicity with which the guitarist seems to play: Relaxed and letting the music come forth. He would be likely doing more had this performance been a solo. We can create enjoyable and seemingly effortless music when comfortable with the instrument we play.

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Musical notesKeep in mind that any list showing the easiest instrument to play mainly refers to the beginning. For example, the piano is about halfway down this list while other reviewers tend to place it first on their list. The reason is that the piano is very visual in that you can touch a key with a finger and hear the note. You can do the same for all 88 keys, much like your cat or other pet may do should they accidentally land on your piano and discover the keys. For this reason we’ve seen acts on, say, America’s Got Talent where someone’s pet chicken plucks a simple song on the piano. It is very easy for learning the sound of individual notes and identifying their positions. At this level, the ²no-experience level, you are “limited to one hand at a time, one note at a time, with your hands in one position” Examples songs are “Amazing Grace” and “Lean on Me.”’ Piano training levels in the USA go from Level 1 to Level 10. In the UK it might be up to Level 8 followed by further training. With about a year per level some students may skip levels. Such indicates that while the piano is easy to begin learning expect it to get increasingly demanding depending on the expertise level you are aiming for.

First fluteInstruments have evolved from simpler forms to the current versions. We want our instruments to look good and sound good. When we ask then, which are the easiest instruments, we are not intending to resurrect the ³first flute made from the wing of a bird with some holes etched out. We are instead looking for something that fits within the current culture of time constraints and instant fulfillment. For many decades companies have been outdoing each other to cook and deliver the fastest food, create the fastest growing flowers, speed develop massive protein-filled birds for the oven, and so on. Further, the technology industry has given us instant downloads of digital products; the courts made courier business disappear when electronic signatures became legally binding, and much more.  We expect similar from our musical instruments. No doubt, someone somewhere is working on a chip to be embedded into the human body which will skip the learning phase on a new instrument and hop to virtuoso in no time. Such leaves us, in the interim, to contend with the equation of music playing equaling practice plus input time.

Target missed markWould it helpful if our musical experts, before they perform, would briefly share with us a bit of their experience learning the instrument. That way we remember that they too started as beginners before obsession took over. Or, the information could be included in their introductions – the number of hours they practiced as a new learner; if any family member lost their hearing or their sanity during this time; and the many mistakes that were their stepping stones to even more determined practice sessions. We surely won’t see that, unless in a very humble biography. Where does that leave us.

Enjoy the touch and the sound of the keyboard, strings of a guitar, or the contact with the drum, or your instrument of choice. Linger in the experience of getting to know well, a musical partner that is yours forever. At whatever level, you are playing music, keep the ‘play’ in the journey so you are not longing to skip it (toss it out the window or shove it into an attic). Appreciate each incremental accomplishment – when your hand gets used to the position; when you first hear the expected tune or melody for the particular song; when you realize you have built on the previous day’s practice (not bothered that you don’t yet sound like your favorite musical artist). Just because no one will appreciate these baby steps but you doesn’t mean these foundational activities are unimportant. Reward yourself with a nice pat on the back (no, not with a scoop of ice cream, that’s just too many gallons by the time your are through learning). Just know that with every hour you put in, you have grown a bit more as a musician. That’s how the experts started out – simple and easy.

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  1. Hi Terri, thank you for the awesome information! I love music and this has been really helpful in deciding which instrument I would like to learn next! <3

  2. I think the piano is easy enough to play by simply pushing down a note. However, if you mean actually playing a melody, each of these different instruments has their own challenges. To play the piano well, you must dedicate a lot of time to doing it.

    • Hey Melinda,

      I agree 100%. That’s why the piano is far from being top of the list.
      The piano is easy to start in that you can visually see the the whole range of keys and learn them.



  3. Interesting article. My daughters play the piano and flute which they have both really taken to. They both are quite challenging especially once you start to progress. I think both require lots of hard work and patience to be come good at. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This was a very nice article. I love music so much and have wanted to learn at least one instrument very well. This article helped me to consider some other choices I have in learning to play an instrument that isn’t too hard.

    • Hey Kima,

      I’m glad you saw those other musical instruments. The best for you is the one you are comfortable with.



    • Hey Furkan,

      The Bongo drums are fun and easy to start. As a guide, the center of the drums produces lower sounds and the higher and different sounds come from near the edge. Plus this form of music is more instinctual than most instruments. I hope this encourages you to explore a potentially new hobby with the Bongos.



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