Epiphone Florentine Les Paul Electric Guitar

Les Paul electric guitar is Epiphone’s most famous, and, actually the world’s most famous guitar. The newest version is lighter due to the addition of a partial chamber that now allows more resonance, unlike the former solid body.

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Epiphone’s history of perseverance with the guitar’s development and veering from the popularly quoted ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ sentiment, shows the consistent push to improve on success.

Les Paul Standard Florentine PRO and Les Paul 100 Guitars

Comparison between the Florentine PRO and the Les Paul 100’s material, bridge and hardware.

Les Paul Standard Florentine PRO

Les Paul 100

  • Maple Veneer & Mahogany
  • Epiphone ProBucker
  • Nickel

  • Maple, Okoume & Mahogany
  • 700T Humbucker
  • Nickel

One sound or “f” hole on a guitar and generally under the strings allows efficient sound projection as the vibrating air exits the chamber. With dual
f” holes the concentrated sound goes farther yet remains steady, clear and strong. You can be certain that when playing to a larger audience, the back row will have just as quality experience as the front row.


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The semi-hollow body Les Paul guitar means playing a lighter electric guitar with more resonance than a solid body guitar. With minimized feedback, these styles drive thinline semi hollow body electric guitars sale due to the appeal of a partial acoustic without the feedback. Keep in mind though that Epiphone semi-hollow body guitars like other brands are still considered electric and need the accompanied amp.

Differences between semi-hollow body guitars rest with non-essential enhancements such as strings, picks or other preferences. Otherwise, the decision to purchase is more esthetic than functionality based.

Epiphone’s  ProBucker™ humbucker pickups each have the coil-splitting design which uses two coils to cancel interference or ‘buck the hum.’ Humbucking coils is the same technology used in microphones to stop electromagnetic hum.

More about Epiphone Les Paul 100

With everything about it new, except it being a cut from the reliable original design, the Les Paul 100 keeps being selected for quality and affordability by professional guitarists around the world. 

Its humbucker 650R (neck) and 700T bridge pickup combo deliver high-output, clarity for very distinguished sound, and when needed, it will make the guitar growl with appreciable depth.

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