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Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric

Playing the guitar has it benefits which include stress reduction, dopamine release in the brain contributing to you feeling better and it sharpens your mind. We thought we’d remind you of some worthwhile reasons to play the guitar. But the main reason we keep playing is that the guitar is a constant companion. Science has proven our connection to our inner being through music and features the guitar. Because of its versatility, we tend to have it handy.

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The Most Versatile Instrument Is the Guitar

No other instrument “combines in such a portable package such inherent, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic potential” (Bacon 8). Bacon gave an example from the 1980s when two-hand tapping was extended by some jazz and heavy metal guitarists. Two-hand tapping is tapping on the fretboard with both hands (instead of the expected strumming or fingerstyle with one hand). The tapping filled in for the distance down the fretboard, between the second to the twenty-fourth fret, allowing the sound to remain natural without any lag while scaling such a vast range.

In the video above we see a demonstration of the two-hand tapping. Out of curiosity we may want to know which musician pioneered the tapping method on the electric guitar. Steve Hackett, then playing with Genesis, claims to be the first to discover the finger tapping technique on the guitar. Later Van Halen popularized it.

With as much guitar techniques and guitar playing styles, there is much to explore on the guitar. The seasoned player always has the option to take playing to another level or to stick with their own personal repertoire of their favorite adaptations.

A beginner guitar player can count on the guitar to keep them interested for a lifetime. Some will select a guitar because their idol plays that particular guitar. Keep in mind that the best and easier playing guitars may not be what celebrity guitarists own. Just be aware that the learning curve could be slightly steeper without the right beginner guitars.


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Most Popular Starter Acoustic Guitar Brands

We’ve also gathered the most popular starter acoustic brands (and electric if the company primarily focuses on producing for beginners). You may have noticed that if you ask several different sources for the best starter guitar within a brand you get several different answers. This can be confusing when you are not seeing how one guitar was differentiated from another in the same brand. In addition to these good guitar brands listed here, we provide some specs to allow you to see enough of what matters for choosing one over the other, or, confidence to pick any random one when all are desirable.

Yamaha Starter Guitars

If you are a student or seasoned player returning to music, Yamaha’s Perfect Starter Guitars, series F / FX Series is worth considering.  Yamaha guitars are top acoustic guitar brands. These guitars have laminate tops with a good sound, rosewood fingerboard, and bridge, making them a good choice if you are for reducing wood consumption. They are quality guitars that you can still feel free taking anywhere.

In the series is the F1HC with its hardshell caseYamaha FiHC

Yamaha FiHC

The rest in the series with optional casings but varying colors are:

F325DYamaha F325D

FX325           FX370C

Yamaha FX370C

Ibanez Starter Guitars

Ibanez provides the best affordable guitars for new learners. Here we feature two of the most popular. For your endurance, the IJRG220Z’s comfortable smooth top surfaces let you easily play as long as you want.  The generous  package welcomes you with:

  • Online lesson cardIbanez IJRG220Z
  • GRG Electric guitar
  • 10W amp
  • Cable
  • Clip tuner
  • Guitar Strap
  • Picks
  • Accessories Pouch
  • Gig bag

The Ibanez AEG10NII with its slim neck and deep cutaway lets you move faster over the frets and easily reach the higher ones.  

Fender Starter Guitars

Fender provides six affordable beginner acoustic guitars all with slender necks with comfortable edges; four with cutaways for easy fret reaching while the other two easy-to-play necks have rolled fingerboard edges for comfortable reach.

The Fender CC-60SCE with built-in Fishman pickup/preampFender CC-60SCE

The Fender CD-60S All-Mahogany Fender CD-60S

The Fender CD-140SCE with Fishman Presys electronics does have a hardshell caseFender CD-140SCE

The Fender FA-100 Acoustic Pack includes picks, strat for switching between pickups, clip-on tuner and gig bagFender FA-100

The Fender Sonoran SCE has the Fishman Isys II pickup allowing for versatile playing stylesFender Sonoran SCE

The Fender T-Bucket 300-CE also has the Fishman Isys II pickup for versatile playing styles, and active preamp, volume control, and tunerFender T-Bucket 300-CE

Gibson Starter Guitar

The Gibson Maestro Acoustic was produced by a separate company outside of the Gibson environment for affordability to beginner players. While it doesn’t reflect the high-quality standard of Gibson-produced guitars it has the true and tried guitar body design which has always been what makes the guitar work. The package includes Gibson plectrums (picks), DVD, strap and extra strings. Gibson Maestro

Epiphone Starter Guitars

The Epiphone Pro-1 was part of a line of guitars designed to be easy to play and still sound good. Relevant custom design of the frets, neck and ease of set up, as well as smoothness of the strings due to the PRO-Ease string lubricant, popularized the Pro-1.Epiphone Pro-1 collection

Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric

The Epiphone PR-4E pack includes cable, online lesson, picks, professional chromatic tuner, strap and a gig bagEpiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric

Martin Starter Guitars

Martin beginner guitars reflect the full quality as you’d expect from any Martin. The company designated two which they consider ‘perfect’ starter guitars.

The Martin D Jr. 2 Sapele fully constructed with Mohagany and suiting players of smaller stature, has the Fishman Sonitone electronics for when you are ready for the stage.Martin D Jr. 2 Sapele

The DCXAE Black is made of durable high pressure laminate, and also has the Fishman Sonitone electronics.Martin DCXAE black

Remember though, unless you are already leaning towards a brand, Yamaha has guitars for beginners to experts and offer more easier-to-learn guitars than most other manufacturers. Within the F /FX

yamaha Guitar from yamaha site meet your othe half
series which also is for seasoned players meaning strong quality and designed to last a lifetime taking away the need to upgrade.


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Bacon, Tony. The Ultimate Guitar Book. Alfred A. Knoph, Inc, 2002.

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  1. I never thought that there are so many types and all for starters. I remember when I bought the first one for my kids, just went to the first shop and grab one which was easy for them to hold. Thanks for the info and I will keep your post in favourites, never know when one of them will decide for a new and better one 🙂

  2. I am so glad I stumbled on this site. My 14 year old son is very keen on learning to play the guitar. We live in a small town and there are no music stores around. I thought I’d check out online and here we are. Gives me an idea on which one to get for him. Thank you so much for this great Article.

  3. Great advice for anybody getting started and this site is one for my granddaughter who has recently started learning the guitar. I did try learning the guitar a number of years back now, but I guess you need to have some natural ability to have any sort of success.

    Seen many great guitar players (in my opinion) over the years, and my number one instrument of choice. Maybe, now I am a little older, I might give it another try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice collections of acoustic guitars.
    Honestly I do not play guitar but it is my dream to play one. I love music because it suits my daily stress. With all of the options above, I think I might consider buying one.

    • Hey Dan,
      I agree, playing the guitar reduces stress.
      But learning for some folks can be stressful which is why I’m keen on getting folks the right guitar. If I can help, do let me know.

  5. I am glad i found your post! My 13 year old step son has been asking to take guitar lessons for a while now, but i do not know much about the topic. I am thinking about getting him a guitar for Christmas, and having a friend of mine give him a few lessons. This post will help me pick the right guitar for him to start with.
    Thank you for the information!

  6. Thanks for this post. My husband is a self taught guitar player (amongst other instruments, all self taught) and has been trying to teach me for a while. My biggest problem was always having really sore finger tips and that was that basically. I’m liking the look of the baby blue Fender. I’m wondering if it would help to have a nice new shiny guitar to get over the initial pains of learning to play? Maybe you also have some tips on how to avoid the sore fingers?

    • Hey Petra,

      I’m glad you haven’t given up playing the guitar as you have options for dealing with the finger pain.
      First, most guitars, especially beginner guitars have lighter strings which are much easier to play.
      You can adjust the distance of the strings from the fret board so you are not pressing as hard. Or, you could start off with an electric guitar as you have the amp that will allow sound.

      Remember that regular playing, perhaps under an hour a day will help build the needed callous for you to eventually play comfortably and painless.

      I would not recommend a shiny new guitar as a distraction from the pain. But, if you need to purchase one anyway, definitely go ahead.


  7. Thanks for the post, great info on the guitars and you put up a fine selection of guitars too. There’s something for everyone.

  8. Terri, this is something I’ve wanted to do all my life, but I’m left handed when it comes to playing guitars, so I guess I’d have to either get a left-handed guitar (do they exist?) or get a guitar restrung to play on the left side (also not sure if that’s possible).

    What I found interesting about this article, is I know Fender and Gibson, but I thought they ONLY made electric guitars. Fascinating! I had no idea they made acoustics.

    • Hey Dave,

      Thank you for the question. Here is why most people may not think acoustic when Fender is mentioned. Fender had been around since 1909 but only started making acoustic guitars in 1964. But, that move was likely overshadowed by the Fender Mustang electric guitar, introduced the same year.

      In addition, the owner was experiencing health issues and was looking for a buyer. The following year, Fender Electric Instruments Company was sold to Columbia Records Distribution Corp. You can see how something got lost in the shuffle, especially if the new company was expecting to be purchasing an electric guitar brand.

      And, as for the guitar. With 100% certainty, left-handed guitars are easily available though not as plentifully as right handed.


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