Why Buy Gibson Acoustic Electric Guitars?

The Gibson company’s many innovations with the guitar leave the physical evidence in its historical trail like the endurable rings on a tree stump. The confidence of such strength, credibility and, personalized design approach make selecting one of their guitars like picking up a winning number among other winning numbers. Super easy: Any number is a winner.

What are those figurative notches in their belts that reveal The Gibson company’s long and faithful commitment to manufacturing the best guitars for its customers? There is much but only a few mentions of each is sufficient to reflect on how The Gibson company continues to quietly love every customer who ever bought and will ever buy the Gibson brand including Gibson electric guitars.

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Current Releases

Evidence that the Gibson company is stronger than ever in its determination to provide a sublime guitar playing experience to buyers are the new releases consisting of new models, optional colors, with proven technology such as the ABR-1 bridge with titanium saddles on the Gibson ES-335. As well, Gibson slimmed the body for a lighter feel. What’s impressive is the numerous releases allowing each buyer to find their unique guitar match.  

Gibson Guitar ES-335

Standard Historic and True Historic

Never leaving behind those guitars which have brought recognition to the Gibson brand, or leaving them in museums forever gone from the public and musicians whose excitement, skills, and antics with the guitar created memorable moments between performers and audience. Instead, the Gibson company brings back via limited-edition those instruments that were the markers of certain times in our evolution, or in combination with its owner introduced a new beat or a distinctive vocal sound from its owner, or contributed to lifting a crowd beyond themselves. One example is the Jerry Kennedy’s iconic “Pretty Woman” the Hit Machine, with all its intricate details recreated. This style went on to be owned by many celebrities from various music genres.

Jerry Kennedy’s iconic “Pretty Woman” the Hit Machine

Vintage Gibson Electric Guitar

Gibson, in 1968 re-released guitar two discontinued guitar models – Les Paul Custom and Les Paul Goldtop. Guitar celebrities were reaching back for the 1950s Les Paul models for “their heavy tones, vocal qualities and endless sustain” that came from the Les Paul’s classic body style. 

As the Les Paul Custom guitar’s 50th anniversary, the Gibson company recreated it to original detail, with historically accurate tone and feel. It is being distributed in a package that includes “an exclusive case, collectible switch plate medallion, throwback hang tags and guitar picks, and a copy of the 1968 Gibson Gazette” which had announced the new Les Paul models to the world. 

Gibson Les Paul Customs recreated for it’s 50th anniversary
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

The above vintage Gibson electric guitars are two of the many guitars which are timeless due to the Gibson company’s playable and comfortable designs. Such allow our focus to remain on the interaction with an audience.

Modern Era

As much as buyers desire the guitars that made their favorite guitarists figuratively block out the sun, they also appreciate the Gibson company’s modern guitars. 

The Les Paul Custom Axcess Floyd, for example, is designed for the way the current generation creates, plays and enjoys guitar music – speed, comfort, and more aggressive tones when needed.

Les Paul Custom Axcess Floyd
Gibson Flying V Standard

The Gibson Flying V, the adapted futuristic design at the time of creation, with its angular flying shape suggesting movement, still has that futuristic appearance. Gibson outfits the Flying V Standard in Les Paul-inspired aesthetics with the same winning features that customers repeatedly seek out.

Exceptionally Gibson

A near endless review would be needed to truly cover the magnanimous amount of care that Gibson puts into its electric guitars designs. Functional, appealing and a unique fit for each inquiring budding or the accomplished artist. So far, we have touched just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of the kingdom of the Gibson electric guitar collection. These proven instruments are lined up for the buyer who is ready to meld their own potential with all that the Gibson electric guitar brings to the table.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how the design of guitars are timeless. Definitely works of art. In terms of both design and function, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these! I had read up on the original Flying V back in ’58, and I wonder if the designers realized how much staying power it would have. Not only as a Gibson staple, but other guitar manufacturers out there who manufacture guitars clearly based off of it!

    • Thanks, David

      Manufacturers like the ones featured on denebguitars.com are truly in sync with guitarists who themselves create timeless music and songs.



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